A Damon Salvatore Love Story (Chapter One) (*Just Another Blood Bank*) (RATED R)

*Damon was biting into the traveler petite blonde's neck feeling the blood run down his throat, the hunger vanishing...He loved to feed on women but only when he was starving he would sink his teeth into a male's neck. He loved  this feeling of blood-lust. Nothing but sheer quiet of the woods of Mystic Falls, he drank deeper and then pulled away from the girl, she was still alive but ALIVE, He turned her around and smiled at her her pupils becoming small. "You will not remember this, these wounds you have...they are from an animal attack when you fell down..you fought off the animal with your blade" he said putting the knife in her hand. "You will not remember me...repeat" "I will not remember you..." She said in a trance and then Damon let go of her and she feel unconscious; Damon smiled to himself pleased and walked on home. He first wanted to buy a new pair of sun-glasses, when he entered the town everyone was extremely busy at the yearly Fall Carnival, so many people so little time. He smiled and went into one of the stores. No one was here, he thought to he looked at a pair and grabbed them about to walk out when someone called out behind him. "You better be buying those..." A female' voice rang out it was unfamiliar and new, he turned facing her, and was stuck by her beauty. Her long brown hair casting in waves around her shoulders, and her blue eyes, and then her petite waist line, she held a box on the side of her. She walked over and opened up the cash register. "Money please.." She said. Easy manipulation  Damon looked at the girl and smiled giving one of his 100 kilowatt smiles. "My name is Damon..Salavtore..I'm kind of famous..I was related to one of the founders here" The gil didn't look interested in the least. "My name is Willow..Michaels and I frankly don't give a damn, give me the money please" Damon raised his eyebrow in confusion How could she be not interested in ME? Damon looked at her and then used his manipulation on her. "You'll give me these sun glasses because you think I'm the..HOTTEST guy around and when you see me you'll fall in love with me" Willow's pupils went small and then Damon smiled to himself his plan working and then they went big again. "No I'm not..why the hell are you speaking like that?" Damon shook his head and looked at her. "Uh, Here" Damon handed the money and then she took it and put in the register, during that time Damon found what the cause of it was..The manipulation didn't work because she  wore a verbena ring he sighed. "Here" she said pushing the sun glasses towards him. "Thats a very nice ring" Damon said smiling with his flirtatious smile. Willow  looked at him. "Okay, listen here play boy..I don't fall for guys like you because...frankly you look like a dick." Harsh words she's brutal  "I'm not here for another asshole that think he can win me over with a smile and his jerky attitude got it?" Damon nodded and walked out. Looking back the girl shook her head at herself and started un-loading the box. Damon walked on dazed. How could someone not think I'm attractive? I'm sexy as hell, this isn't right, she must be a werewolf...or possessed. or she knew Elena...I wonder...?
"No Damon, a girl can be NOT attracted to you" Damon's brother Stefan said as he shuffled around through the desk on his papers. "But why is this one so different for me? She a human and I don't like them...and she affects me so much and usually I just grab them and rip out their throats!" Stefan looked and him and sighed. "Maybe because you actually found someone that is like you and you want her, but she doesn't want you" Stefan moved papers again and then smiled and and put it into a manilla envelope . "What is that? A letter for your beloved Elena?" Stefan looked at him. "No, you idiot its a letter from The Original Salavtore's to the Lockwood's..about the war..They wanted it..so I have to give them it  as a historical piece" Stefan rolled his eyes and went out the room. Damon sat back on Stefans chair, and then feeling something plush he got up and found it was a bra, a sexy black lacy one, Damon rolled his eyes and then flung it on Stefan's bed, knowing it was Elena's that she had spent the night and had to rush home again...without it. Damon stood up and stretched. He wanted to know more about this girl...but how?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With Stefan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
He marched through the rough marsh of The Lockwood's property, they should really think about fixing this place up.. He thought and finally made it to the front door, he knocked. Mrs. Lockwood opened the door, her hair was a mess and she looked scared. "H-Hello...S-S-Stefan...." She spoke softly almost at a whisper. He looked at her concerend "Is everything alright Mrs. Lockwood?" she smiled weakly. "I-I...am....J-just..fine...is that the letter?" Stefan looked down. "Uh. Yeah..here..." She took is with shaky fingers and then he saw that her skin was pale white, the was usually faked tanned and not good looking not...healthy..Stefan looked up at the woman she smiled weakly and then slammed the door, but that didn't stop Stefan from looking into those pale green eyes, other than from sheer panic in her eyes. she had FEAR in them...Stefan was going to find out what it was wither she liked it or not.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With Elena~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
Elena was walking through the town with her closest friends Bonnie the fiery red head and Meredith the brunette, Elena herself had her blond hair swooping around. Bonnie grabbed her arm. "Oh my goodness! We should go inside! They always have new cute stuff!" Elena looked up at the boutique and smiled. "Okay" she said and they went in. Meredith instantly went to the shoes, Elena and Bonnie looked at the jewelry. Elena was staring at one necklace, when a petite brunette girl came out. "Hello! Welcome To Marshie's Boutique. My name is Willow! Do you need any help?" Elena smiled at the nice girl. "No thanks just loo-" Elena stopped and looked at the verbena ring lying on the girls index finger. "What a beautiful ring..its so unique" Willow looked at her finger. "Oh thank you! The second compliment I got today..I'm glad I moved here from New York...Mystic Falls is such a really sweet place" She smiled "My mother gave it to me..before she went into the Marines..she still is in there but I miss her like crazy.." She smiled. "I moved here with my dad so I wouldn't miss my mom as much being alone at home...I'm sorry I didn't ask you your name" She smiled. "Oh, My name is Elena Gilbert, this is my friend Bonnie Bennet and then my other companion Meredith Sulez..." Meredith smiled at her and shook her hand, "Nice to meet you! Welcome to Mystic Falls!" Willow tried to shake hands with Bonnie but Bonnie reached over the counter and hugged her instead. Willow almost felt at home again. The chimes above the door clattered and then Damon walked in and then Willow sighed and walked into the other room. "Damon..?" Elena said Damon looked at Elena and then met eyes with the Dark Willow, she looked at him and went inside. "Hello, Elena...Bonnie..." Damon looked at Meredith that was glaring at him angrily and he went passed them and then into the back room where Willow was, she was marking something on a clip-board and counting. "What is your problem with me?" Willow looked at Damon. "You can't be back here..." She said looking back at the clip-board for some reason Damon closed the door and then grabbed the clipboard and broke it in two with the paper. "Hey!" Willow said angrily. "Get out!" She yelled. "No, tell me why you hate me" Willow rolled her eyes. "I don't hate you personally!..I hate what you are" Damon took a step back thoughts running in his head How could she have known I'm a vampire? How could she has seen through this facade? She's a werewolf! I knew it! They had super sonic senses to know stuff like this..but wait shes' a human I can sense it. "What do you mean...by what I am...?" "Your a player.." Damon had a small sigh of relief. "You play girls and throw them around make them believe that you love them and once your done you throw them out like...TRASH. I've been there and I'm keeping away from your type..so stay away from ME..." The words pierced through Damon but that didn't stop him from walking up to her and looking down on her. "I know you don't like me already but I'd like to take you out..to dinner..what do you say?" Willow leaned back at the sudden electricity from being so close to Damon, it overwhelmed her but that didn't stop an answer coming quick out of her mouth. "Okay.." Damon gave a nice smile. "I'll pick you up at 6" He said walking out. Excitement bubbled in Willow's stomach but she shrugged it off, picking up the broken and torn clip-board she looked at it, it was pure  metal, how could he had broke it in two? Willow though and got a new one ignoring the silly fact and just went on working as her day went by slowly
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With Elena~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Elena was shocked to hear all this coming out from Damon, as he came out he looked at her and shrugged. "What?" He stuck something into his pocket and Elena narrowed her eyes and held out her hand. "Give it Damon" Damon looked at her confused. "I don't know what you mean.." Elena sighed. "The ring..Give it!" Damon smiled and patted Elena's smooth blond hair. "I don't have anything..your so silly!" Damon said giddyily and then in a blink of an eyes left. "He's up to something, he would of thought of Willow as just another blood bank." Elena said and left the store with her friends.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With Stefan & Damon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Stefan- Oh yeah...this thing is OLD....I'd say about made by the time the vampires started living in Mystic Falls..where'd you get it again?" Damon took the ring. "It was on Willows index finger" He looked at Damon. "Where did you put her body?" Damon looked at him and started to laugh, and he shook his finger at him. "Your funny, i didn't KILL her...I just slid it off when I got her distracted...and I got her to say yes to a date tonight..with me. at the Mystic Grill...I'm gonna get right down to the point...and THEN drain her." Stefan stood and looked at his brother. "Damon, for once why don't you think about your actions today? You were moping around my room thinking why she WOULDN'T go out with you and then you go to her store manipulate her to take her out to dinner because you want to know what she thinks of you..? You sound like a teenage boy...Why don't you go on the date and NOT drain her? you never know she could be the one..." Stefan said. "but thats not important..I went to drop off an envelope to Mrs. Lockwood and you know what? She was terrified she was pale and shaking usually a woman of authority like that wouldn't be scared by something simple..but she had FEAR like something had happened to her, Have you seen her around...lately?" Damon shook his head. "Sorry, but no. I haven't seen the woman..why do you want me to some fishing around? I need to pass the time anyway." Stefan leaned back in his chair. "Would you please? That'd be great, just fish around and look through things in the Mansion...I heard Mrs. Lockwood is coming out earlier today to see what's going on with the carnival..so I'll see whats up with her.." Damon gave a small nod and then like a flash of lightning Damon left again; Stefan's phone went off and he smiled to see it was Elena. "Hey Angel!" "What is WRONG with Damon?" Elena said "Nothng..he just found his other half at least thats what I call her" "Her name is Willow Michaels...and Damon used manipulation on her to take her out to DINNER..That isn't him! He would just luwer the girl to a quiet place and then suck the living hell out of her!" Stefan smiled. "I already talked to him, he's not gonna do that..he's just gonna go out with her tonight...no manipulation at all...hopefully.." "I hope so, because I actually like this girl she seems nice and I don' want Damon killing her..." Stefan laughed. "Why don't you come over and we'll talk more about it...?" Elena heard the hidden message and smiled. "Baby, I'd love to talk to you about it more..but I'm hanging with the girls..maybe later tonight bye!" Click. Stefan looked at the phone rejected. Elena usually never did that, but she WAS on the phone with her friends around her and he had been spending to much time with her lately..so maybe he needed a new friend...he should go find out more about this 'Willow' Stefan smiled and grabbed his wallet, was going to go shopping. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With Damon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Damon got into the Lockwood house without any problem, he took off his shoes making sure not to leave any prints. The house seemed recently cleaned. Everything was dusted and cleaned. Damon walked through the house, knowing that right as he got closer to the house. Mrs. Lockwood hair done up and make -up done that Stefan was right and went to see how things were going with the Fall Carnival. From outside Damon could hear the tree's swaying above knowing that is was going to be a stormy fall day. He walked around the house and quickly looked things for anything out of place. But then when he got downstairs a scent hit him harshly it was the smell of bleach and lysol but that was just the cover, he smelled blood 
Damon quickly tracked the scent and he smelled the odor of blood he lifted the rug from under him and saw a big blood stain on the wood, he was surprised to see the blood stain since Tyler was long gone dead, and so was the father. Mrs.Lockwood was alone in this big house..whom could she have killed? and why? Damon smelled more blood but it was still disguised as heavy amounts of cleaning products, he followed the smell until he was outside and deep into the woods, and then finally he found the body...well parts of it. He found an arm...a leg...and a torso...but not the head. Mrs. Lockwood had gone Ted Bundy on this guy.. Damon thought and then he wandered and tripped over something but caught his balance he froze and then cringed he turned around and saw that it was a head...the head of the News Reporter Scott Daniels...the one that always spoke at 10 A.M well not anymore...for him at least.. He sighed and walked away from the gruesome sight. Mrs. Lockwood had killed someone, a sweet gentle woman what on earth possessed her to do that? Its...scary...she knew well enough to clean up the mess but she still killed someone and that is the worst! She tore him apart legs, torso, arms and...head. Why did Scott Michaels come over here for? and why did Mrs. Lockwood kill him for? What could he have on her that made her kill him? and from the looks of it...HOW Did she kill him? I'm gonna have to get this information to Stefan...QUICKLY. Damon thought to himself and quickly came back into the house and closed everything that he had opened and fixed the rug. He went upstairs and closed the recently cleaned window with his elbow trying not to get any prints on the window. He left the Lockwood property with a vision it'll take him a long time to get out of his head....
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With Stefan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Stefan entered the store and had a smell of Pizza come to his nose, the chimes above him rattled and then Willow came out. "Well, this is becoming a popular store! Hello! My name is Willow..and I'm eating a piece of pizza...I'm sorry..can I help you with something?" Stefan smiled "Uh, No..Just looking...I'm Stefan Salvatore my girlfriend came in here earlier... ? Elena?" Willow looked at him and smiled putting her pizza on a napkin. "Yeah! She's sweet I like her...Um I'm sorry your last name sounds very familiar...?" Stefan nodded "My brother..Damon" A small smile broke on Willow's lips.."Oh yes..Damon he and I already go acquainted.." Stefan smiled and thought to himself Damon has her already wrapped around his finger... Stefan looked around and walking around feeling Willow's eyes on him. "We have some wonderful rings that you might like..." Stefan turned around and the ring box was already set out. His eyes looked at Willow who was giving him the look. "Your girlfriend was looking at this one earlier..." Willow said sliding one at him it was a heart-shaped diamond with a golden band around it and small diamond hearts around it. "I'll take it..." Stefan looked at the price and handed out his cash, Willow put it in a box and then a bag. "Thank You for shopping at Marshie's Boutique!" Stefan smiled at the girl and went outside.He removed the bag and put the ring inside his coat pocket. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Later That Night~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Willow pinned up her brown hair up high and let her bangs sweep down, her make-up was perfect. She wore a dress that just went up above the knee's and then she had on her suede high-heeled boots. The dress of course was spaghetti straps and black, she grabbed a long necklace and put it over her neck and then grabbing her favorite leather jacket. She was ready for her date, but she couldn't find her ring. The doorbell rang making Willow jump but she shook it off and went to the door opening up revealing the Nightfall Lord, he looked at Willow up and down, and smiled. "Ready..?" Willow smirked. "As I ever will be" Damon gently took her hand and led her to the car and to her surprise it was a Jaguar midnight black, Willows dream car. "Do you like it?" Willow nodded and got in slowly taking it everything about the car, it was beautiful. Damon slid in next to her and smiled at her. He let the Jaguar purr for a moment and then speed out of there. "I Love this car so much" Damon said looking straight. "I do too..I've always loved this kind of car..."  Damon looked at her for moment hoping to catch her eye but she just looked out the window. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At The Grill~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Elena and Stefan- *Sitting as Elena digs into her food, she see's Willow and Damon walk in and go sit at a booth together they sat smiling and laughing. "Should...we...?" Stefan shook his head and grasped Elena's hand.."I want to stay with you for tonight..love" Elena smiled and kissed him. 
"So..tell me about yourself"
"Well..I was born in New York City....and in high-school I dated a guy that said he wanted to marry me but it was a bullshit lie and he cheated on me and fucked my best-friend...last day of school" Willow said looking down at her drink. "So..is that why you moved here?" Willow looked up at Damon's brown eyes. "No..My mother joined the Marines and She couldn't watch me so I moved here with my dad..and I have to work for money in my grandmother's shop..so yeah..why don't you tell me about yourself" "Well, I have lived here for a long time..lets say that..I have a brother both my parents are dead...and thats it." Willow smiled at Damon and they sat for like that for a while two hours talking. Damon didn't do anything but he felt like he needed to know about Willow more but the night ended and he knew Willow didn't want to go either. 
Damon was kissing Willow with fierce lips but it was gentle to him but he knew that he had to at least try to be gentle against this human he heard Willow moaning against his lips as he set her down on his bed, he wanted to take in this moment to breathe it in, but the more closer he got the hungrier he got...Willow took off his jacket with amazing speed and she ran her hands up Damon's shirt, Damon leaned down and kissed her as she traced his abdominal muscles. He had a shiver run down his spine as he got hotter from her touch. Finally after that Willow took off his shirt and stared at him with lust in her eyes, Damon felt exposed but he soon removed Willows dress revealing her beautiful petite body his hands made with her while his mouth covered hers this lust was greater than any others he's had for the years..His lips trailed to her jawline and kissed as his hand removed her panties, she moaned and gripped his backs, Damon's kissed went down to her neck and he froze hearing her blood pulse there made him hungry, but he ignored the thought and just kissed all over her neck nibbling instead of biting. He plunged his fingers inside of her and Willow moaned loudly; Damon looked at her and started slowly but then his pace kicked up, Willow felt her climax coming and her moans became loudly and she arched her back and came, Damon smiled and removed his pants and boxers, Willow stared at him for a moment but then smirked and then he plunged himself inside of her for a long moment they didn't move as Willow convulsed around Damon, and then Damon started thrusting. Willow wrapped her arms around his neck and moaned in his ear making him groan as she repeated one word over and over again like a harmony. "Damon...Damon..Damon" Damon gripped onto the sheets afraid of going crazy, this pleasure was so intense like something he's never experienced before to be inside Willow was making him harder to stay close with her, he was groaning when Willow put her lips To Damon's and he plunged himself deeper getting more and more pleasure, it almost engulfed him. Willow wrapped her legs around Damon's waist moaning, oh god did this feel...so different from the other sex she's had, she was afraid that after this she was going to go crazy, Damon leaned down and started kissing her collar bone. His climax was at the edge and then he felt Willow convulse around him again and then he jumped off the edge with her, they both moaned and held onto each-other as each glorious wave of climax engulfed them. He looked at Willow, she had her eyes closed and kissed him deeply. Damon felt like this wasn't just a one night stand..he felt like this was an amazing beginning. He collapsed on the side of Willow for a long moment they just  laid there panting. Damon turned over, and smiled Willow had already fallen asleep. Silly human he thought and closed his eyes focusing on anything but his hunger for her blood was going to make him hungry. Damon opened his eyes and then grabbed his boxers off the floor and left the bed without disturbing the sleeping Willow. Damon went down stairs and into the Parlor and poured him some whiskey laced with blood, he took a long sip and then another. He ran his fingers through his hair, and then Stefan and Elena came in they were giggling and then they took one look at him and then Elena said "Where did you put her body?" Stefan made eye contact for a moment and then Damon took a drink. "She's upstairs..sleeping" Elena looked surprised but then she narrowed her eyes. "I don't believe you..." Damon smirked. "Go on ahead and check.." Elena looked at Damon for a moment and then quietly went upstairs. Stefan walked toward his brother. "Did you...?" Damon looked down at his whiskey. "No..I wanted to..but I didn't...I wonder why.." Stefan smiled at his older brother.."Maybe because you like her..." Damon looked at him skeptic for a moment and then smiled. "Maybe little brother..maybe" Stefan smiled. "So other than biting her neck..did you two..?" 

Damon nodded . "It was weird it was better than any other thing I've felt before...I felt different" Stefan put a hand onto Damon's shoulder. "Now you know how I feel when it comes to Elena" he smiled his eyes sparkling at her name. Elena came down then and looked at him. "Fine..Stefan can we go upstairs...?" Stefan nodded and went upstairs winking at Damon. Damon laughed and shook his head. He saw Willow's jacket on the ground and he picked it up and her wallet fell out. Curious Damon picked it up and went through it seeing her ID, Her credit card, a couple receipts, and some bills but then Damon saw something sticking out between the leather pockets he pulled it out, it was another ID...He looked at it for a moment before throwing it to the ground, she lied to him. She wasn't just a human she was a vampire hunter he'd slept with a vampire hunter and he thought it was LOVE. He nearly spat at the word; Love never worked for him and never will this girl was blood promised to kill the vampires, no wonder for the ring..and No doubt she hated him because he was a vampire, Damon was marching toward the steps...he stopped. But she slept with me though..she could've killed me when I busy kissing her neck....she knew I would've bitten her...she must've had the plan to kill me when I was sleeping!  He thoughed and continued up the stairs, he saw that the window was wide open and Willow was gone. He had slept with the worst thing than human, rage and anger filled him. It looked like two murders will be in Mystic Falls this week. 

A Damon Salvatore Love Story (Angry) (Two)

Damon marched up the stairs the cracking ID breaking under his fist. He couldn't BELIEVE Willow had played him; what was with that? Damon entered his room and saw that the window was opened and the curtain was flapping with the mid night breeze, He angrily snapped the ID and then he waiting. Until sunrise because Willow's NEW life was going to end just as it began*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Damon marched through the house wrenching his pants over his toned thighs anger was boiling through his grudged veins. He was played and he fucked a damn vampire hunter. He threw on a black v-neck and then slipped his hands into boots and ran down the stairs opening the door as the cold fall breeze ran through his dark hair. He opened his car and he was gripping the steering wheel as hard a could. The anger was boiling his blood, he was going to sink his teeth into her neck and then he was going to make lo- STOP THINKING ABOUT SEX DAMON! He yelled at himself mentally as he pulled up to the small damn store. He stopped the car leaving his keys in the ignition he wrenched the door open that damn bell ringing. He heard movement in the back room, and then he launched himself forward already in the small back room his speed and his hands caught Willow's neck and pinned her into the wall. Willow strugged and pinned her hands together in his big ones above her head forcefully. "I'm going to kill you" He growled his eyes on her green eyes. "Damon" She choked out and Damon's eyes still burned into hers. "I'm going to tear our your throat, then I'm going to suck you dry" He growled as his grip got tighter on her neck. Willow glared at him and then in one movement Willow pushed her wrists off the wall and smacked Damon in the face, Stunned Damon didn't have enough time before Willow hit him in the face with her elbow. He went down but still stood as Willow kicked him into the wall. "All vampires are the same. Sex and blood" She spat and Damon stood up again this time hitting under the belt and Willow saw it and mirroed his movements fighting against him with speed and agility. "You are a real pain to kill!" he growled. "What can I say? i know how to fight bloodsuckers" She muttered Damon lunged at her again and she dodged his angry fists and went under him grabbing his arm Damon quickly caught on and grabbed her neck, she caught his wrist twisting it around and Damon's teeth went across the skin only having a taste. Willow's foot came in contact with his stomach and she kicked him hard. Damon flung back against the wall and he glared at her, Willow stood up the blood falling off her lip. Damon's eyes went blood red and his heart ached for the blood that was being wasted. Willow held up her fists, she was going to give him her all before going to the darkness of death. Willow wiped off her lip huffing and then before she saw it coming Damon smacked her against the wall. This time she tried moving away but Damon had her pinned tighter than before. "Goodbye" Damon whispered and Willow closed her eyes ready for the quick deadly movement but nothing happened all she heard was Damon's heavy breathing and her quickening heart beat against his hand and the forming sweat of fear but she kept that hidden. Silence filled the back room and the panting of Damon was maddening.  "KILL ME" She yelled and then opened her eyes to have Damon crush his lips to hers. Willow was frozen there but the heat rose up again and she smashed her lips back twice as hard. A lustful growl came from Damon's lips as he crushed his body to hers and he moved his hips against hers. His hands grasping her breasts tightly through her bra. "Damon" She whispered, Damon groaned as he deepened the kiss his hand that was once choking her, was now holding the back of her neck bringing her closely. Damon saw the stars dance behind his dark eye lids and he began to thrust against her. Him hardening against her, what drove him mad was her low whimpers of her getting wetter and wetter for him. Willow's  lips removed from Damon's as they traveled down to her neck, his hips thrusting into her, her eyes rolled back. How could she have been looking death right in the eye and then in a blink of an eye, she was about to fuck him senseless? Damon's free hand went up her skirt teasing her dripping center through her panties making her even more wetter for him, "DAMON" She moaned again and he grinned seductively.  His fingers went right into her WIllow gasped as his fingers moved inside her searching, seeking for the center of her excitement. "Ohhhh.." She whispered and closed her eyes into the lust her climax was starting to build as Damon's fingers began to fuck her hard and fast. Damon felt her climax coming and he removed his fingers and Willow's eyes opened as Damon pulled down his pants to his hips and pushed himself inside her, Willow moaned as the cold wall met her back and her ass was on a crate, her hand went to the shelf as Damon began to thrust deep and hard in her. She in felt a box opener in her palm and her eyes went to Damon, His eyes moved from the shelf to her. "Do it" He growled still sliding in her. "Stab me in the heart, ignore the pleasure I'm giving you!" He growled fucking her harder and harder. She gripped harder and harder on the blade but she couldn't stab him. No. She couldn't do it. She let the blade go and reached up and wrapped her legs around Damon. He groaned in pleasure as he fucked her hard and pleasingly. "Harder..fuck me harder" She moaned and Damon picked up her legs smashing her back to the wall as he went faster and harder in to her. Their loud pants and groans were filling the once silent room with their lust and passion. Damon was sliding in and out of her his hands making bruises on her sides but he was lost. He lost all of him with this passion it was just something he has never felt before in his life. His hands went up to hr face as Willow opened her eyes and they met. Damon still going in deep and hard. Damon's lips smashed against her's again as he began to go faster again picking up his pace going in deeper and deeper. Willow leaned back  her legs widening and Damon groaned going on top of her his hands gripping the sides of the wooden crate. Their climax was beginning to come to the breaking point. Damon ground his teeth together as he growled with a sympathetic release. He groaned and then as Willow collasped around him he had his climax again. "DAMON" She cried out her legs wrapping around him hard as she came. Damon's hands held her as she came hard. Damon held her and for a moment it was silent and then Willow put her head up. "Damon..I don't want to kill you" She whispered and he touched his sweat ridden face "I can't kill you" He whispered back. "That was a part of me two years ago. I've come here to move away from it. I would never think of falling in love with a vampire but something attracts me to you Damon" He looked up and gave her a small smile. "I feel it too" Willow leaned up and hugged Damon as he caressed the bare parts of her skin. "Let me take you to my place" He whispered in her ear. She nodded and she fixed her self as Damon's hand went on hers.